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A Matter of Respect

The bottom line of every relationship is respect. There are natural rights in human dignity that must be honored and protected to build a bond of trust.

unresolved anger

Every person, at times in their lives, has inner anger problems. We must learn how to detect our own personal level of buried anger.



SEX that Sizzles

Sex is God’s wedding present to every marriage. God created sex and would like for us to do it well. How we value one another makes a difference.

Money Matters

How money is made and spent is extremely important in a marriage. Some studies indicate over half of all divorces happen over money matters.


Building Bridges

The small talk of every day living can be a genuine road to build a heart connection with those we love. But most small talk is done to avoid personal contact. The number one request in 40 years of counseling couples is better communication.

Repairing Beliefs

Inside every individual is a personal belief system of facts they believe to be true. People seldom realize how vital this system is to their emotional health. Many of the beliefs we carry are really “misbeliefs."

Daring to Believe

The greatest attribute in the human heart is hope. Most people underestimate hope. A person can cope with almost any negative emotion in their lives except one, hopelessness.  It is a lethal struggle to the human condition and can’t be tolerated long.

For Your Eyes Only

In the seventh commandment, God determined that a husband and wife should live morally pure with each other. This means that they are committed to intimate enjoyment, with one another only, all of their lives.