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Marriage Counseling

In marriage, we are made to fulfill one another’s lives intimately. The tragedy in a marriage is when we forget the wonder of who we are to each other. We were uniquely created to be lovers and friends. God has given our mates to us to discover the unique person they are and to care for their deepest needs in life.


Christian Counseling

Looking for a Counselor who shares your same beliefs? Randy Bailey's philosophy and methods are grounded in Scripture. He enjoys communicating from a Judeo/Christian worldview while still embracing the best of modern psychology & science. If you're looking for Christian counseling, you will enjoy your time with Randy.

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Divorce Recovery

Have you gone through a divorce, but feel like the painful process will never end? We have the experience and the truths that can help you work through the heartache of your past, and set you free to move into a new day. It is important for you to be set free and move into the next season of your life.

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Individual Counseling

So many people today are struggling with depression, anxiety, and relational problems that won't go away. We can help you work through your struggle and find a peace and strength to start a new chapter in your life.


Parental Counseling

Parenting is the greatest challenge of our time. Building solid boundaries for your child’s development is essential. There are illuminating parenting skills that remain relevant in every generation. These life-giving principles take the guilt and confusion out of parenting and give moms and dads a clear path to train and lead their children.


Life Coaching

We all need coaching. At it’s heart, Life Coaching is about training an individual to reach their created potential. This process focuses on achieving a specific personal or professional goal. Like mentoring, we want to build a person from the inside out. Life Coaching teaches an individual to leave unhealthy comparisons behind and compete only within themselves to be the very best they can be.

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